I am sorry, but I have not been able to update my blog lately. I have been very busy working, and not have been able to sit down. I will update you in the nearest future!

Best regards

About Me And My Career

All since I could walk I have been working. I began my career when I probably just was 3 years old. I was working at home on the family farm for free, and I have done that ever since.

I have grown up in an average family with average income, average parents, average everything. My mother works at the town’s nursing home, and she began her working career at only 13 years of age when she began washing the stores after school time. My father began his career the second he could walk. he has been a hard-working man on the farm ever since, and he later began fishing on a fishing boat. He worked there until he got a job at an oil platform as a scaffolder.

Both my parents have worked hard all their lives, and as a result of that, they have upgraded the family farm, built a big house, and can provide well for their 3 kids.

Even though my parents have what some people’s calls it “a good wealth”, I have always stood on my own feet. I have pretty mutch bought everything I own myself. for example a small dirtbike, a 4-wheeler, my Tractor certificate, My 125cc bike certificate, my car certificate, my fork truck certificate, my cars, my computers, and my cell phones. My parents have, of course, help me if I have had a hard time, but I can mostly handle everything myself.

I began my first real job at a local grocery store at 14 but I was not happy with it, so I decided to look for another job. After working at the grocery store for 1/2 year, I began working at a local cafe, and I worked there for a year. At the cafe the payment was crap, and so was my boss, so I once again decided to get another job, I only worked at the cafe for 1/2 year. Then I suddenly stumbled on to a perfect opportunity for me, a nursing home for handicapped. I began working there at age 15, and I am still working there now. If it hadn’t been for that job, I couldn’t afford to buy any of my stuff, and I neither would have been able to move out from home to study! I am forever grateful!

The 100-Grand challenge

A couple of days ago my 15-year-old brother challenged me to a challenge, and you guessed it, it was a challenge of becoming the first one to have a hundred grand in the bank account. The loser has to donate $ 2 000 to Cancer researches.

Earning $ 100 000 as a student will be hard, but we are both two creative souls, and you are very welcome to join me on my journey towards my 2 lifegoals!

What is this?

Hello, everyone! Today I have decided to make a blog/website featuring how I, as a Norwegian 18-Year-Old, make my money.

I have always been obsessed with making money, but I also have loved using it. Two years now, I have had Economy classes mixed in with my Agriculture studies, and I have loved it. I have decided that I am going to try to be an Accountant.

This is my Journey towards my two goals at the moment: having $100 000 on my bank account, and also becoming an accountant.